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Thread: What Program Does What Network

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    Anyone have a list of what programs do what network?

    Kazaa :
    BearShare :
    Mozilla :
    and so on and so on?

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    Fastrack : Kazaa, Imesh, Morpheus, KCeasy

    Gnutella : Bearshare, Limewire, Shareazaa ....

    Mozilla is not a filesharing program .

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    Mozilla : HTTP, FTP, POP, STMP

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    • SoulSeek:SoulSeek
    • eDonkey2000( eDonkey eMule MetaMachine edonkeyhybrid Shareaza)
    • Overnet?
    • MP2P( Piolet Blubster (DEAD) RockitNet)
    • BitTorrent:BitTorrent
    • DirectConnect( DirectConnect DC++)
    • WinMX: WinMX & them opennaps
    • Gnutella(Shareaza Gnucleus XoloX LimeWire BearShare Morpheus)
    Toadnode: (Dead?)
    • FastTrack ( Kazaa Lite KaZaA iMesh Grokster)
    there's more..

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    @cselik Blubster dead ??? 300000 users online,

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    Overnet I think uses the same protocol as the eDonkey2000 but has a system of supernodes like Kazaa lite.

    Both eDonkey2000 and Overnet use the same transfer protocol so files can be shared between them. The main difference between them is the way in which they publish and find files and sources for files.

    eDonkey2000 publishes to servers that can be set up by anyone. Once the network reaches a certain size these servers become a bottle neck to the performance. Users can no longer search the entire network for things they are interested in. And the servers become more and more bogged down.

    Overnet searches and publishes in a completely decentralized way. It works such that when you search you are searching all users of the network. Overnet can scale to millions of concurrent users with no loss of performance. It fixes the problems with the eDonkey2000 network. more info

    The version of eDonkey2000 that we have available for download publishes to both donkey servers and to the Overnet network. It is meant to ease the transition from the older eDonkey2000 network to the newer and superior Overnet network. The Overnet client is simpler to use and just as effective as the eDonkey2000 client so we suggest you use it.
    more info Here

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    Over here!
    As well as Fasttrack, KCeasy also connects to OpenFT and Gnutella B)

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    Originally posted by sharedholder@20 January 2004 - 07:47
    @cselik Blubster dead ??? * * 300000 users online, *
    edited* mistake


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