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Thread: Windows Media Player 9

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    hi the only reason i use wmp 9 is because of its unique options like video settings where u can adjust the brightness and hue when playing a video and has srs WOW effects browser option thing, so does anybody out there know of another program that has these kind of options so i can happyily unistall that peice of junk from micro$h1t ? and install somthing better (with video options and wow effects etc)


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    WMP 9 is meant to be for power computers...Any computer running less than 2.0MHZ and 2 gigs of ram is going to be disappointed.
    Lots of people think WMP 9 is no good and its shit etc, but they havent stopped to think that if they had a decent computer it might work better.

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    Give WinAmp 5.1 a try.. B)

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    Winamp All the way!

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    Powerdvd all the way for me.

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    k i have winamp full (is there any good diffrences in the pro version if so where can i get it i cant seem to find it on kazaa), im gonna give power DVD a try for my videos now see how that is


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