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Thread: Nero Crashes

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    The light on the cd-rom flashes to show it's recording but the progress bar stays on 5%. I'm only recording at 12x on 48x discs so I don't think that's the problem, and I've tried reinstalling, including using the Nero-clean tool provided on the Nero website before reinstalling it to get rid of any trace of it but it doesn't seem to help. Any ideas? It used to work fine!

    I'm still having this problem in version

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    Tried updating, still have problem...

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    it's done similar things to me and i must be the only idiot who bought the prog!
    turn everything off
    then try to copy it again
    i had to try 3 times once and eventually got it to burn
    i find it a bit temperemental
    hope this helps
    regards alex

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    Guys have you tryed this gem ? I dont burn without running, end it all first


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