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Thread: Aussie Cricket Star Dies

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    Cricket world mourns loss of David Hookes

    Sporting figures, politicians and fans around the world have paid tribute to Victorian cricket coach and former Australian Test player David Hookes who has died in a Melbourne hospital after being attacked outside a St Kilda hotel on Sunday night.

    A 21-year-old hotel security guard has been charged over the attack.

    Hookes was celebrating Victoria's one-day win over South Australia at St Kilda's Beaconsfield Hotel when a fight broke out outside just before midnight on Sunday.
    It is believed that the 48-year-old became involved in the brawl, sustained a blow to the head and went into cardiac arrest.
    Paramedics performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the unconscious Hookes for about 30 minutes before rushing him to the Alfred Hospital.

    Hookes's wife Robyn and his family maintained a bed-side vigil throughout the day but his condition remained unchanged. He died about 7:30pm (AEDT), surrounded by his family.
    His brother, Terry Cranagh, broke the news to the media at the hospital and thanked the community for their support for David and his family.
    "We the family of cricketer David Hookes wish to inform David's many friends, family members and fans that he passed away today at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne," Mr Cranagh said, reading from a statement.
    "We trust that the police will conduct a full investigation into the cause of the incident and that the justice process will provide us with some insight into what occurred."
    "We wish to thank those people involved in his care, including the bystanders and emergency paramedics," he added.


    Cricket Australia chairman Bob Merriman offered condolences to Hookes's family.
    "Australian cricket mourns the passing of David Hookes," he said.
    "On behalf of Australian cricket, I offer our deepest condolences to David Hookes's family and all those near and dear to him.
    "All Australian cricket lovers will be in shock at the news of his tragic passing."

    Victorian Bushrangers captain Darren Berry said: "On behalf of the Victorian players, both past and present, I would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our coach, David Hookes.
    "David has been both a friend and a mentor to all of us and we are devastated by his passing," Berry said.

    A long-time friend of Hookes, Graham Cornes, says he is in shock at his death.
    "Just devastation, I was so confident this morning that he'd be able to pull through, that he'd be able to recover," Mr Cornes said.

    Barry Gibbs, head of the South Australian Cricket Association when Hookes captained the state team in 1988, says he was a fierce-but-fair sportsman with a humble nature.
    "It's a very, very sad day for not just South Australia and the cricket community but I think the whole of Australia because David Hookes was a very special individual," he said.

    Former Western Australian Test cricketer Terry Alderman says Hookes was a man before his time in cricket.
    "He was a flamboyant player and would have been really suited to the glut of the one day cricket that is played now, he would just fit in magnificently with his flair," he said.
    Alderman, who roomed with Hookes on a tour in the West Indies in 1984, says his loss to cricket is enormous.
    "He was offering as much as he did when he was playing the game, as a coach and a commentator, calling the game and nurturing a few young blokes there in Victoria - he's done a great job," he said.

    Bouncer charged

    Yesterday morning, Zdravco Micevic from St Albans, a security guard at the Beaconsfield Hotel, was charged with one count of assault.
    Micevic was released on bail and will reappear in court in April.
    As a part of his bail conditions, Micevic is not allowed to continue his work as a crowd controller and must not attend any licensed premises.
    Source: ABC News Online

    Apparently, the bouncer hit Hookes once in the face (on or near the nose),
    he fell and hit his head hard on the pavement and that was it.

    I can't believe they're only charging Micevic with assault.
    He's been charged with assaulting and hospitalizing people before.
    This guy shouldn't have been allowed to continue being a bouncer.

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    if there were further charges to be brought i imagine they already would have been.
    so the cops [who know way more than we do from the media circus] don't think that the bouncer killed him. (he did fall and die like 100 metres from the pub)

    why this had to be the lead story on all TV news except SBS for three days is beyond me. while we get sold the free-trade lies without question.

    the deceased played a fine spot of cricket for us, great, so... ?

    i understand that the accused's security license has already been suspended

    my condolences if you knew or will miss him

    i'm sorry but this country has a whole range of problems it should be focusing on and one less cricketer is not one of them.

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    Hookes fell 70 meters from the pub because thats how far Micevic pursued him before he caught and bashed him.
    The guy literally chased Hookes all the way back to his parked car to have a go at him.
    That says premeditated intent to do bodily harm, plain and simple.

    Micevic is 21. Hookes was 48. It was no contest. All it took was a single punch.

    Micevic is up on charges for doing the same thing to someone else.
    Fortunately, his other victim is still alive, and that case is also yet to be tried.

    To just shrug off someone being beaten to death... famous or not - is appalling.
    To say it doesn't matter because you don't like the way some politicians are doing thier jobs is... nonsensical.

    You can stick your head in the sand and say "there are more serious issues" about anything happening in any country, at any time.
    Please don't use such crass subjects as trade agreements and politics as a reason to be heartless and cynical.

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    Hopefully his family members can sue the bouncer and bar owners in civil court for all there cash like they did to OJ Simpson when he was found innocent in criminal court.

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    Well it seems some jumped on the "blame bouncer" wagon too soon, the bouncer is claiming that hookes threw the first punch....

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    well my opinion is that he is too young to be a bouncer...

    I have spent 15 yrs working in the hospitality industry in Australia and the younger the bouncer the quicker the temper.. the quicker the punch is thrown... and the less likely they are to use words to defuse a situation...

    I am not saying Micevic is guilty of anything except maybe the over enthusiasm of youth and the power trip the job brings...

    I managed to remove someone from work last nite.... it was all done with words and a smile by me...... and I was so damn good at it after I told the guy he wasn't having another drink and I had called him a cab he gave me a $5 tip....
    got to admit that has never happened before tho....

    but it can be done..... people can and will leave premises even when drunk without a problem if it is handled the right way....

    and the charges have been up graded to manslaughter.....
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