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Thread: Perhaps Someone Can Help Me...

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    i dled a song that is supposed to be 20:16 in length. however, the file size is small (like 2,000 Kb). when i play the file in winamp, it says the file is 2:08 in length and it plays it for 2:08
    when i play the file in windows media player, it says the file is 20:16 in length and it plays for 20:00 and then stops. does anyone know what si up with this file or how to fix it?
    I dled the file from a friend of mine on soulseek, and a lot of his files have incorrect file information - its very strange. the files play the proper length on his computer, but in soulseek, it says the file are a different length and sometimes a different quality (kbps).

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    has this happened more than once.. cus i get corrupt files once in a while too. if you think its corrupt dont play it in wmp, it doesnt know what the hell to do with it. winamp for mp3s and videolan for video will tell you exactly how long the file is.
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    but it plays for 20 minutes in WMP. thats closer to the length the song should be than winamp plays it.

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    i wanna know how they got a 20 min. song into a 2,000 kb file
    *cough* shitty rip *cough*?

    even at 128 kb/s, which is shitty, files end up about 1 meg per min.

    (i.e. a 5 min. song will be about 5 megs)
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    that&#39;sexactly what i thought. i have no idea how this small file plays for 20 minutes. it says it is 128 kbps too.

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    What song it is?

    Does it also report wrong length in WMP-9 and in Windows?
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    its an opeth song. it reports the right length in wmp 9 and in windows explorer, but it does not play for that long in winamp or wmp9.

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    download the song again at good bitrate (CBR 192) with a program that doesn&#39;t contain that much corrupted files (SoulSeek)... and check the filesize before dl&#39;ing


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