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Thread: Which Is The Best Version Of Kazaa Lite?

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    Does any1 know which is the best version of kazaa lite for me to download???I know we already have a topic of this pinned but I don't know the difference between those 2.4 or 2.6.0 versions...

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    If your not used to those gay clones that everyman and his dog is producing at 2 a day...
    try the last of the original..version Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.3
    All those clones havent got there shit together yet and the majority of them are just a combination of the official "KMD" and someones estranged version of "Lite"
    If ya want 2.4.3 version ..a link i found is in my sig

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    I used klr but it would not even connect through a proxy then I switched to k-lite 2.6 and voila it connects without any hassle and downloads faster. Sure I miss the KL Extensions but at least it works and slowly it will get there.

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    kazaa lite resurrection 2.47 release date was january 1.2004

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