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Thread: .avi File Problem

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    I accidently downloaded nero mixer instead of nero burning rom and all my avi file changed from windows media files to nero mixer files. and it was still the same after i uninstalled nero mixer. it says it does not know what program to use to open it. please help

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    All the Nero Mixer program did was associate the AVI files with itself. That means if you double click on it, your default program will open that file, which currently is Nero Mixer. You can go into Windows Media Player and tell it to associate those files with itself again, which will also restore the usual icons. I think it is somewhere in the options or preferences menu. There is also another, more difficult and very time consuming way but if WMP doesn’t re-associate those files with itself you have to do it the that way. Under Settings -> Folder Options -> File Types, you can choose what program to use for what files and set custom icons if you wish.


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