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Thread: Cut By The Editors?

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    The Gospel of St Thomas

    I had never heard of St Thomas until this Christmas when someone made a joke about the "editors" of the bible. I knew that bits had been cut out and misquoted along the way with all the translations, but this was really amazing.

    So, was this guy a heretic? A nutcase? Jesus' best mate? Why was this gospel not included in the bible?

    Even from a non-supernatural perspective, if the Bible that we have read for the past 2,000 years reflects the beliefs of original Christianity, then any texts that were originally rejected, discarded or "lost" are not books of the Christian Bible, by definition.
    Well, true but saying "my dog is not a cat" is also true, as well as unhelpful and irellevent.

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    There's a lot of apocrypha surrounding the Bible. Just another reason I'd really love to be granted full access to the Vatican's archives. That would not be time wasted.

    St. Thomas is more commonly known as "Thomas the Doubter." He didn't believe the accounts of the other Apostles that Christ had risen from the dead, until he saw it for himself.

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