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Thread: Just Upgraded To Kazaa Lite 2.0.3

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    Jay K
    I've just changed from Klite 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 and I'm having a few problems now. The google search doesn't work, my shared folder, when selected from the "new" icon in Kazaa freezes up from time 2 time. Also can anybody advise on what the best settings would b for, BT Broadband, I had no problems connecting with the previous version of Kazaa but now I have start IE first b4 Kazaa will connect.

    Oh yeah and broke my leg 2 days ago although this may/may not be related to the Kazaa 2.0.3 installation!

    Any ideas anyone, and no funny business Funky C

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    If you have problems with the KaZaA Lite program, seek help here. Connection problems should go into the section below.

    dont u think that u should post it in the section quoted .
    i think that they have to write below the longue (You may talk about anything here accept kazaa lite)

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    Jay K
    It says ask anything so i did, untill i see an * indicating small print that what i'll do, sorry if this annoys u, but thats life unfortunatley

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    its ok everyone makes mistakes(mistakes are evergreen )


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