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Thread: Download Problems With Norton Internet Security

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    After I have installed Norton Internet Security on my Pc, I noticed that I couldn't get my downloads completed. I mean that I can download any file until the end, but I can't get them converted from .dat to .avi or .mp3 or anything else. Anybody out there with a tip about this problem?

    ...Hellohelley, me anyday...

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    I doubt it's really Norton's fault, as I have it and I have never had the problems you've described. There are other reasons why this could happen.

    This is quoted from the FAQ:

    After my download is completed the file still appears as a .dat file

    If you start a download, a .dat file (partial download) is created. It's important to notice, that the path to the current download folder is coded into the .dat file, together with other information like the filename. When the file is finished with downloading it will be renamed and put into the folder that is stored inside the .dat file. So it is important that that folder is present. If not, the file will stay a .dat file untill this 'old' folder is restored. Or worse, it might even get deleted (this happens when the 'old' and 'new' folders are on different partitions).

    If you change the download folder or use a different setting after reinstallation you can still use the uncompleted .dat files. But after completion, the client tries to copy the final files to the original download folder. If this folder still exists, you may find the file there. If you have removed it, the .dat stays in your current download folder and cannot be copied. Do NOT rename it, because the download info is still attached to the end of the file. If you recreate the original folder, then the file will be copied to its final destiny.

    If you can't remember your 'old' download folder, you can use the K-Dat or DatView tool to find it out.

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    Thanks Sparkle. It was so stupid to guess. I have simply changed directory.
    My problem, now, is that I have started lots of downloads in two different directories, so I'll have to work a lot to move files in the right one untile they're completed. This is when you use a software without knowing much about it.
    As you have been so kind would you please suggest me somewhere to look for another problem I have? Let me tell you: I have installed Norton Internet Security on my PC. My PC rules the Internet connection, giving it through a Switch to another notebook. I have configured NIS to recognise all the intranet IPs, but the notebook can't still connect on the shared Internet connection. May you kindly help me?

    Anyway, lesson is learned... Thanks again.

    [ B]Mercanzia[/B]


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