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Thread: Is This The Xbox Killer?

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    this is the gayest thing i have ever seen...... its just a really crappy computer stuffed in a xbox case only bigger....

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    Look at the system specs

    The ApeXtreme will carry a VIA C3 1.4GHz processor, 300MHz S3 DeltaChrome graphics chip with 64MB RAM, DVD-ROM drive, component and composite TV connections, DVI connector, 256MB system RAM, 20GB hard drive

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    o wow buy me one...&#33;&#33;&#33; I need a crappy pc that doesnt even have all the same functions cause my computer is too low ened to run any old old games </sarcasm

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    The Phantom looks much better.

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    I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it&#39;ll be nice to play games on your TV without any hassles like constantly defragging, disabling screen savers and virus scanners, downloading hardware drivers, etc. But on the other hand, I can&#39;t believe all PC games will work on it, especially since it runs XP. That means most old DOS games are out of the question. There are at least three consoles like this coming out soon, so there must be something good about them. I trust APEX because they make great DVD players, but right now the price is a little too high. While I don&#39;t plan on buying one of these things, I am interested to see how well they work.

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    I seem to having a brain happens at my age . Someone please refresh my memory/correct my ignorance.

    VIA C3 1.4GHz processor
    1: Didn&#39;t Via buy out Cyrix, making the C3 a Cyrix chip? I know Cyrix was sold prob a dozen times. If it is, I recall, back in the day of the old intel 486dx2/66 that the old Cyrix procs were hounding Intels heels and biting them on the proverbial ass at times. Hell, the only reason they went down was lack of market share, which was because Intel was cozzying up to M&#036;crosoft so they had the money needed for R&D and advertising.

    300MHz S3 DeltaChrome graphics chip with 64MB RAM
    2:I really hope I&#39;m wrong, but is the S3 a newer version of the old Virge chip? The Virge couldn&#39;t do even a crappy 3D render with a gun to it&#39;s head.

    I&#39;m not familar with Apex, so I&#39;ll just take your word for it, Nightwolf. All in all, this dont&#39; sound to promising &#39;Course, I&#39;m so old-school I&#39;m still looking for a copy of Wing Commander Armada ........

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    we were told that the system is optimized for gaming, so games should run a little better than on a similarly equipped PC
    Not worth the money at all.

    Anyone can stripdown windows XP and make their games run better.

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    Another PC console? What the hell? As if The Phantom wasn&#39;t enough now we have this coming along.

    I wonder how long both of these are going to last....

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    c&#39;mon another pc console i&#39;ve seen a lots on the net and they haven&#39;t reached the light and i hope they don&#39;t because consoles are for tv&#39;s and computers they stay in their monitor, personally i dont think tihis thing won&#39;t live longer, if it don&#39;t die in the process.

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