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Thread: K++ & Emule

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    I really liked what Random Nut did to KaZaA and I think everyone does.
    I also use Emule and I started to think if he can do what he did to KaZaA, why not to develop a good Emule MOD ?
    What do you think ?

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    i'm for a emule-kazaa hybrid, that would combine the two best networks!
    simply get the good sharing method and availability from emule
    the no servers and user number from kazaa
    get access to both networks using one client
    that sounds good. of course you'd have to put more thinking into this and what to keep from both programs, but that would be the basic.


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    I think random nut should continue working with K++.

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    emule is a very well designed tool, and it has pretty much most features you can think of.
    And if you can think oif a another that should be implemented it's designers are committed enough to actually listen to you. The only think RN could add is cheat for their 'participation level' (by lack of a better name), but since that one actually works I don't see why he should bother...
    Emule is fine as is, and RN doesn't even seem to be wanting to spend much more time on K++, so don't get your hopes up...

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    i don't know if a hybrid is possible since they use different transfer protocols...

    I might be wrong though

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    You guys can always dream. Emule needs no mods since it's already popular. Only reason Kazaa had mods was because the orginal sucked. Besides Random Nut is doing other stuff anyways.


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