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Thread: Compatible With Keyboard Controls?

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    Does any1 know if i can manipulate some settings somewhere or other to be able 2 control my files when im playin them with the play/stop/fwd./bkwd button?

    bit of a lame question i know but its buggin me and itd mke my life loads easier. cheers

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    Some keyboards have these buttons for your player.
    Logitech sure has them and it works great.


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    if your keyboard has the bottons, then just right click one of your mp3s in your shared folder and then go to properties, then "change" what program you use to open that mp3, once you have picked the program then hit "ok" hit "apply".

    now make sure that klite extensions is set to "shell open" under "interface", this make klite open your files with program you just chooses a minute ago and your keyboard should be able to control that program


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