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Thread: Sllloooowww Dooowwnloads

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    I have tried many many ways to speed my downloads and uploads, but -even after reinstalling kazaa lite- I can't get files at a faster speed than 0.12 - 0.4 kb/s.

    At the first moment, the sharing begins at 2.5 kb/s or more, but it slows down and never recovers.

    Anyone can tell me whyyyyyy????? :helpsmile:

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    Maybe the sources you're downloading from don't have a fast connection.
    Try jumping supernodes and see if that helps.Pick a supernodtha is close to where you are located and that has a low response time.I'mnot saying this will solve your problem for sure,but it's about the only thing you can do.
    Or try to find more sources.(as much as you can find)

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    Sounds like you're firewalled and locked out of >70% of the network...


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