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Thread: Soap Operas Go Mobile

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    Soap Operas Go Mobile

    European mobile phone users can get a daily dose of drama on the go

    Mobile phone users whose lives lack soap opera excitement may have the opportunity to spice things up.

    Media Republic, a Dutch production company, will begin delivering its popular Jong Zuid (Young South) series to cell phone users in the UK and Germany in April.

    Jong Zuid has already become a hit in Holland, where more than 30,000 mobile users have signed up for a subscription to the soap since its launch there last August, according to Media Republic Creative Director Douwe Dirks. Subscribers receive two episodes a day at a cost of $1.40 a week. Each episode consists of six cartoon-like sequences with corresponding text.

    British and German versions of Jong Zuid are currently in development, Dirks says. They will be based in London and Berlin, respectively, featuring local actors and celebrities. Media Republic is set to announce details of the UK launch later this week.

    Although locations and languages will change, the story line will stay basically the same, boasting a mix of sex, drugs, rocky relationships, and high glamour.


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    You can actualy re-encode movies to play on mobile phones.

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    I get my Daily Dose in here.

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    Originally posted by Guitar-Slinger@20 January 2004 - 22:30
    I get my Daily Dose in here.


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