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Thread: Portal Generator

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    RTG's Amazing Portal Generator (the APG for short) lets you design your own Web portal. Choose links from a list we provide or add your own. Choose buttons from a list of pre-coded buttons which you can customize. Buttons can do a Web search, get a stock quote, or retrieve a local weather forecast. You can customize your portal with your choice of colors and fonts.

    When your design is complete, the APG writes your Web portal to a disk file. If you double-click this file, your Web browser starts up and displays the portal.

    You don't need to know HTML, the language of the Web, to create a Web portal with the APG. Your design specifications are translated by the APG into the appropriate HTML commands.


    Go to the Website

    Click here for a sample

    Screenshots :

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    Originally posted by January 2004 - 22:51
    Good for not Dreamweaver fans.


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