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Thread: Half-life 2 Source Code Raid By Fbi

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    TheXerox writes "According to a recent weblog post, a San Francisco native had his house raided by the FBI last week, and 'lost upwards of 9 machines, and lots of misc equipment besides' in a seizure related to the theft of the Half-Life 2 source code from Valve Software." The scanned-in search warrant posted on the site indicates the FBI were looking for "...any IP addresses related to any of the Valve internal or external networks... Valve passwords and/or usernames... any and all items... related to Valve Software, Half-Life, Half-Life 2", and the Hungry Programmers page mentions that "...several Hungries were raided on January 14th by the FBI and Secret Service, and their computers seized."

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    ...Glass tubes all look alike from the inside.

    geee, bet they had fun explaining that one to the missus.

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    Originally posted by Project E-01@20 January 2004 - 21:44

    geee, bet they had fun explaining that one to the missus.

    good find muchspl2. Nice read that is


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