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Thread: Firewall Reviews

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    I've been using Norton's for years with no problems.No noticeable issues with resource hogging either.I've read people rave about ZoneAlarm and Sygate and may try one.I'm wondering if there are any sites with independent reviews for firewalls.TIA.

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    Anyway , Sygate is the best.

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    Originally posted by sharedholder@20 January 2004 - 22:30

    Anyway , Sygate is the best.
    Somehow I'm not surprised you said that. I perused most of the firewall topics before I posed this question.

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    know that Norton's periodically has updates for it's Firewall/Internet Security.Does Sygate's Firewall do the same?If so is there a problem getting them?Or for that matter how about ZoneAlarm Pro?TIA.

    P.S.-I also see many people on other forums saying that Outpost is the best.Any thoughts.Thanks again.


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