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Thread: Help Me Decide

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    hi, i found this bittorent client and i was wondering if it were any good it looks like the most user friendly i've ever seen but i was wondering before i use it if i could get comments from people who've used before and whether they thought it was good or not

    heres the link

    And i don't want any reply telling me to use other clients i'm asking about this one.
    any help appreciated

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    Thanx for Reminding me 2 update lol
    guess what......... No!.....
    t:bomb has been planted
    ct: bomb has been defuzed!
    Game: Counter-terrorist wins!
    ----age:18 over cartoon funny pic---------
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    Originally posted by test2speed@21 January 2004 - 02:36
    Thanx for Reminding me 2 update lol

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    Thats still the old crappy version(054) has been around since nearly the beginning of last year..Its basically a leechers client ...And if you use it youll get banned by clients that allow the option to ban clients that send bad data...
    thats all B++ is a bad data ,leechers client


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