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Thread: Is That A Shrimp In Yer Pocket?

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    another stupid news report

    Originally posted by (RoadRunner News)

    BETHLEHEM, Pa.(AP) A man pleaded guilty to retail theft for allegedly stuffing $73 worth of shrimp down his pants at a grocery store and then fleeing from the store without paying.

    Johnny Rodriguez, 48, of Bethlehem Township, pleaded guilty Thursday in the case. Northampton County Judge F.P. Kimberly McFadden deferred sentencing.

    According to court records, Rodriguez was in the Heights Market on Oct. 12 when a worker allegedly noticed that he had his pants undone and he was "sticking items down his pants."

    The worker approached Rodriguez, who began removing bags of shrimp from his pants, but when ordered to stay where he was until police arrived, he fled, court records said. Authorities said he made off with four bags of shrimp.

    Police said Rodriguez had been convicted of retail theft three times.
    I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile.
    I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well.
    I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave.
    I will work to elevate you just enough to bring you down.

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