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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro Question

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    Hey guys,

    I just downloaded the free version of Zone Alarm, and it gave me the option of getting a free 15-day trial of Zone Alarm Pro w/ web filtering. I took them up on their offer. I messed around with the product key, and found a valid one at some website. It seems to work, and says I have unlimited tech support and stuff, and updates seem to work ok. I'm just wondering if my registration going through, (e-mail address and name to get updates), will make Zone Alarm suspicious cuz its a pirated key or not?? I'm sure someone can answer my question. Thanks a lot guys


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    tesco's Avatar woowoo
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    its been a few months and i havent had any problems yet lol...

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    Its cool as to give them that info..I went the same way as you did a few years ago. and Ive never looked back once..
    Now Im a beta tester for Z/A

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    If anything its still a 15 day trial . Why would you give them your real name & e-mail? I never registered mine works great but cant update mine . Hey I look for a new version with crack when I need too. It will be pro 5 soon enough

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    Originally posted by peat moss@21 January 2004 - 03:54
    If anything its still a 15 day trial . Why would you give them your real name & e-mail?
    Thats why people need to watch the installation carefully and not just click "ok"..."ok" and be done with it
    Z/A asks if you want to recieve notification about products and services etc and asks you for a email address..If ya dont want the information theyre offering dont tick the box that says "send me info etc".and dont enter your email address etc..
    Simple isnt it?


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