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Thread: No Video/audio On Movie

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    Hi, I have downloaded a movie. When I try to play in AVI preview, Windows Media player, videolan, divx player, I get the same result. No video or audio
    I downloaded klite codec pack and no luck. I have put file thru gspot codec info program and I am told file should play and that i have all codecs needed.
    So I thought maybe the movie is no good. I went back to klite and tried downloading several movies to check them by previewing. Same result - I get absolutely nothing.
    Can someone please help??
    PS yes I have got the computer turned on lol
    thanks anyone?

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    Good to see another local on here.
    Have you been able to view downloaded movies previously? And if so which player(s) were you using.

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    yes were you able to before, and if so with what player. Try uninstalling all your codecs, reboot your computer and install the latest klite codec pack and see if that helps. some users were having problems with version 2.20, so I am still using 2.10

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    Hi guys, thanks for you answer.

    Yes I was able to before and I used videolan.
    then I downloaded all this other s**t that I was told I needed (you can tell I havent done this before) and now I get nothing.
    You say I should uninstall all codecs? Do you just mean Klite or should I get rid of all the other stuff I downloaded like gspot, divx too?

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    guys, i need serious help!

    i have downloaded a movie file with extension file (TCR).DivX.TS.DaDuck

    What does it mean? i only can heard the voice but not video appear on the screen.

    i have downloaded Xvid codec, indeo codec; or else i lack of something ????

    pls tell me wat to do?

    thanks and appreciate!

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    grab the klite codec pack or download videolan
    either should let you play it

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    i installed the s/w klite codec pack with full version, but came out with this error message "unspecified error"

    or i download the videolan??

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    Download Videolan - see link below.

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    thanks , it's really work!!!

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    you can videolan to your righ click menu for preview and etc.

    go here to add it to tools and preview menu


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