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Thread: How To Download From Up2date?

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    Hello, There is this Up2Date link on Kazaa Lite. Great, I think, they have lots of cool games. You download something called Sig2Dat and there You go... Not quite, in my case. When I click on a link in Up2Date, the thing creates a start-up file in Your Shared Folder, which refuses to open. It tells You to find an appropriate program to open the damn thing (I have Win XP). So what do I do? How do I download anything from them? Oh yeah, and the instructions on their site tell You to "open your download client" and Kazaa will download it. What the hell does that mean? Please help me with this...

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    If you download k-lite 2.4.3 you don't have to worry about installing sig2dat.
    it's already built in.So all you have to do is open k-lite(2.4.3),go to click on the file you want to download.You will see a message saying "k-lite will automaticly download this file"(or something like that),click "ok" and that's it.
    (The upload client can be any p2p-client that supports sig2dat hashes.)


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