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Thread: X Copy Platinum

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    i bought dvd x copy platinum and lost the box with the serial #'s on it (cough,cough)and would like to know if any one has a real one or knows where to find it

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    pm sent.


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    Could I also get it?


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    Originally posted by priceman123@21 January 2004 - 17:35
    Could I also get it?

    pm sent

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    Could you email me instead of pm. I am new and I do not have the required number of posts to use pm.


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    Mail sent
    Included a cracksearcher with that B)

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    damb only one prob it says i dont have enough posts to use yhe pm opption i guess i better get crak in huh?

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    After 5 posts you can use your pm.
    You already have two,only three more to go
    So you can't even read the pm send to you?

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    nope fuk mob that one didnt werk that damb thing wont let me find the version i think its 3.2.1 but im not totally sure im still seraching fer it thanx

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    sorry "funk" mob damb fingers never do what thje brain wants them to "i say dont steal the car they dont listen"lol

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