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Thread: Herndon Virginia

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    Has anyone noticed how many supernodes there are in Herndon Virginia?

    If you check when you first connect it is usually a supernode in Herndon Virginia

    check it out on mapquest, it is very close to Washington DC

    even when connecting to nodes in any other country there are still many

    is it just me or does this seem kinda strange?

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    Could you get an ip list/range for these?

    Perhaps our evil nemesis RIAA and its cousin-brother MPAA are using ips in that range... if so, we should block them. B)

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    maybe it is AOL
    if you do a trace route a lot of them seem to be going through aol networks
    but not always ending at one

    it might have something to do with how the DNS servers are registered

    here are just afew examples -all herndon supernodes
    at least that's what KaZupernodes says


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