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Thread: How To Open This File?

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    I downloaded a file and cannot open it. I think it is a MSDOS file. It is a blue and white folder.

    Anyone know how to open this?

    I am a newbie, so I will need step by step instructions.


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    Originally posted by priceman123@21 January 2004 - 08:44
    I think it is a MSDOS file. It is a blue and white folder.
    you think?
    have you checked its properties? (right click>properties)
    what wre you downloading?
    where did you d/l it from?

    have you scanned it? (AV scan)
    make sure its a safe file first,
    then worry if its a verified file
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    more info pleash
    its probably an application but your missing all the other files.
    instead of getting the halflife2 - setup
    you downloaded only the exe file of it


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