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Thread: Nikita Season 5 Help

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    so... Nikita series......
    there are 8 episodes...i got 6 of them....
    503 and 505 are found only at these guys : Deathknell@kazaa, hotswitch52@kazaa, 423423189@fileshare and *_*_*_*_AAAAA*_*_*_*@kazaa...... and the problem is i can't connect to them... I can' t sent any message... nothin'!!!! The Error suggests that may have an older version of kazaa [this is when i try to sent a message]...
    I have the latest kazaa lite...

    pls help me somehow...

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    They probably have an older version of K(L) or they disabled messages so you can' reach them. Just keep searching and maybe you can find more sources. They also most likely don't have an upload slot for you and it's being take up by a different user.


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