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Thread: Guide For Making Xp Smaller

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    I just found this on another site.
    It consists of all the files you can safely delete from XP
    The thread is 13 pages long -
    take notice of what Neomayhem and BoldFortune say.

    good luck but becareful

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    seen it to !

    only used: 3. c:\windows\$Uninstall----$ of the whole guide


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    This is a lot of stuff you can do with XP Lite and another program, I forget the name..
    But I recommend that if you dont competently know your way round a computers OS, dont try this at home kiddies...
    Theres a lot of stuff your deleting that may be needed when you install service Pack 2(when It arrives) and if you go to install some program and it looks for some reference (to what youve deleted) then your gonna be up shit creek with no paddle...

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    wats so good bout lite?

    no link plz

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    No links?... about a picture then?


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