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Thread: Odd

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    Ok, I dl'ed (m)IRC about 2 weeks ago, and I loved it to death. In my mind it killed BT and the rest when it came to downloading games / movies. Yet now most of the time when I search for something through sities, it either wont find it, or wen it does, it says "no such nick in channel" or something like that, or I'll get a message saying DCC pending (took me aout a half an hour to find Old School and actually get it going..). Did I mess something up, or am I just not looking in the right places?

    I search through
    XDCC Search
    XDCC Spy

    Something wrong?

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    Just some bad luck I guess.

    Almost everybody runs into offline bots every once in a while.
    Also more and more peeps are using IRC now, so the queues etc. get longer.
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