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    This is an excerpt taken from a weekly XP e-zine I receive from WinXPNews. I thought that some of you may find something or two useful for your XP system. The site not only contains the featured download for SafeXP, but a few other useful tools such as media player codec packs. Enjoy!

    Making XP Safer without the Hassle

    We provide tips from time to time about how you can disable unused services, deactivate potentially dangerous or vulnerable operating system components, and turn off automatic "call home" features of XP, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. Often each procedure requires multiple steps and may involve editing the Registry or other complex tasks.

    Here's a program that will make it easier for you to do these things, and it works on Windows 9x, ME and 2000 as well as XP. There's even a free version available. Check out SafeXP at:
    Or if you prefer, you can read the entire e-zine online here. I usually find alot of good articles and helpful tips from this publication.

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    thanks for sharing


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