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    Can someone tell me or post a link where I can find out what cracks, keygens and serials are and how to use them? Before anyone says check pinned, I already did that and it shows where to get them not what they are or how to use them.

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    All the cracks, keygens comes with a NFO file you must open it and read how to use the crack.If you have Winrar or other compression software you can view the NFO file , if you don't have it use DAMN NFO Viewer

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    Okay, when you go and obtain retail software, it usually requires a serial number to work. Or, when you download a demo of software, it may have limitations, and once entering a serial number, you will have a full working piece of software. serial, keygens, and cracks work so you don't have to pay.

    serials - just what they sound like. Someone gives a working serial to a piece of software, and allows other people to use it on their software.

    keygen - a small program whose function is to generate working serial numbers.

    crack - a small program that "patches" the retail software. These usually hack into the executable, and modify one parameter of code. For example, if a program has a nag screen at the beginning saying "Buy our software", then a crack could be developed that would patch the program, and not allow the screen to pop up.

    For the most part, if you have a choice between a serial/keygen vs. a crack, I'd take the serial/keygen. Sometimes cracks screw up, and ruin the software (Luckily, most cracks create backups). If you use a serial/keygen, you will have THE working app instead of an app that's "just as good".

    Hope I helped.

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    Thanks! Both replies really hepled.


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