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Thread: Laptop Password

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    one of my friends forgot his logon password for his lapt5op and he can't get into his computer.he didn't tell me what windows or what type of computer it was,hope it dowsn,t matter.please help

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    Is that a bios password or an hard driver password ?

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    hard driver password

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    If its a bios one then you will have to open the laptop and take out the battery.

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    c: /reformat

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    its hdd, so ur screwed... just format and install windoz again

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    install another windows somewhere on the hard drive (not on same partition) boot into that and that way you can still access all the files from the old windows, as long as nothing is encrypted.

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    or you could try this password finder but use it at your own risk.I've suggested it before in another topic on the forum I know it works for win2000 and xp..It creates a bootable disc and the program runs in dos...I suggest he try the default password ...It's kinda a strange program he will have to read very carefully ..Like I said use at own risk ..But it may prevent having to reinstall..good luck


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