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Thread: Grate Virus Scanner :lol:

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    The AVG Virus scanner, there was a link for it on one of the old Kazza lite start pages, but ive lost the link, eny one got it.

    Eny hoo if you find it DO AS I SAY BEHACH

    Download the free version (you have to fill in a few fourms but they are prettie small) once its installed, look in the folder you installed AVG into. And find a program called avgse.exe. If you drag a a file or folder onto it it will scan the file for viruses.

    To use it on files in Kazza Lite (ive only used 2.4.3) open the KL extentions window, go to tools, then to add, then find the avgse.exe file and put it into working directory. Set the file to "add to preview with submenu" then click OK and then if you want to scan a file just use the preview menu.

    How Handy

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    ... but ive lost the link, eny one got it.
    Here's the link to the official site of AVG Antivirus

    Hope I've helped

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    thanking you


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