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    Well the only way for my k-lite to connect is to force supernode, and well when i do that only 1 user is online, sharing 0 files, does anyone know connect ports or something that can connect me with the rest of the people? btw wheneveri turn force supernode off i get that everlasting connection message

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    Try thoes:

    Disconnect and connect.

    In options check wheter or not you have set Force being a SuperNode.

    Tick Don't be a SuperNode or untick Be a SuperNode.

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    I knew that, I just can't run kazaa lite without being a supernode.

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    get kanat and see if this helps, alot of times if you are a sn and behind a router you get the one user

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    where do i get kanat?

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    Originally posted by MT D3W ADDICT@23 January 2004 - 00:55
    where do i get kanat?
    download it here.

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    It says it was unable to detect a connect with kazaa lite, even tho it was connected

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    what is your version of klite???

    give us more info, like how do you connect to the internet, and why you can only connect as an sn, because that is not normall

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    I have dial up, and AOL 9.0, after uninstalling limewire, i could not install kazaa (KMD) so i went back to k-lite, but it wouldnt connect, and the only way i could connect was to force being a supernode, and when i jumped supernodes etc, there is only 1 user online sharing 0-2 files (0 GB). Well, LimeShop and Java something is still on my comp and when i got to add and removed programs it cant be removed, i got into the c:\ and cant find it, and i also cant re-install limewire cause whenever it installs the java thing it cant find the server, same with kazaa cant connect with P2P. Anyways i dont know what the deal is or how to fix it.

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    aol hates p2p programs thats why you can only use only aol browser to browes the internet

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