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Thread: Tmpgenc Dvd Author

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    I feel really dumb for asking this....but does TMPGEnc DVD Author burn DVDs without a DVD burner?

    Is it even a good program??

    IF it isnt, could anyone make some reccomendations to me please?

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    accutly, its pretty gay, im not sure if you do, but i think it encodes to dvd standards so im guessing so....anyways, its kinda usless, only thing kinda good is menus, but if you want menus you can use nero for simple ones and roxio for abit more advanced, i like VCDEasy, good for chapters

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    What about "Aare AVI to VCD DVD SVCD MPEG Converter"?
    Is that any good?

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    I actually find TMPGEnc DVD Author useful. I use it mainly to convert DVD MPEG2 files into DVD-Video format, and then burn it to DVD. It's quite simple to use, and there's some simple things you can do liek add chapter marks and make a simple menu. It's good for basic use, but if you want some extra features like animated menus, then you should use something else, like DVD-Lab.

    And for your first question, it's impossible to burn a DVD without a DVD burner. What you can do is convert the file to VCD or SVCD and burn it to a CDR. You can use TMPGEnc (the original one) for that.


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