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Thread: Port Forward Router How?

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    How can you port forward my 4port linksys router...

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    Get KaNAT first.

    Launch Kazaa Lite and KaNAT.

    You need to follow instructions to login to your router.
    Usually requires you go to then place your password (Default admin) then go to the forwarding tab.

    Whatever port you set your kazaa client to is what you want to forward. KaNAT will tell you what port your client is connecting to also. Make sure you are forwarding to the LAN IP which can be found also in KaNAT default is

    Hope that helps

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    Not really theres thread in this forum about port forwarding...
    thanks anways!

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    I see the tabs here:

    (Setup ) (Security) (Applications & Gaming) (Administration ) (Status )

    which tab? for port forward?

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    I looked up some of the older firmware versions for the BEFXX41 and found Port Forwarding under Applications and Gaming.

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    alright thanks, I figured it out thanks!


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