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Thread: Need A Data Recovery Software

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    As you can read in my other post, my DVD drive has destroyed my most important CD I had, so I lost very important data.Now I need a software to recover the data I have lost.Most of the files on that CD were on my HDD before (and I haven't formated my HDD since) I burned 'em on that CD.

    Can somone tell my what software to use to recover my data.It's very very important to me.

    PLEASE HELP :helpsmile:

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    find one with a crack available already cuz this thing requires payment

    google it to find a good site. if u still cant find it PM me...

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    I had a similar problem for a friend the other day.

    I tried 3 different programs and only 1 worked.

    It was getdataback (for fat) and recovered nearly everything that was on the disk, with the exception of a few corrupted sectors and of all the data recovered I would say that about 3-5% was corrupted.

    Considering my friend either had a hard disk failure (my guess) or someone/something formatted the Hdd I found this software to be excellent especially as the first 2 programs were crap.

    BTW they were EasyRecovery™ Professional v5 and yes I know that there is a newer one now but I didn't have this then and the other was a freeware program called Restoration.

    If you need a keygen for GetDataBack pm me.

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    Yeps - Easy Recover Pro 6.03.

    Or Restoration for deleted files (this is better for recovering single files, since it's not organized at all)


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