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Thread: Video/audio Out Of Sync Only On Second Half Of Flm

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    I downloaded a film, virtual dub says it has a vbr audio inconsistency and recommends I reencode with a constant audio bitrate, I dont bother and I cut the credits out of the film with virtual dub(this always remove the error for some reason?) so I split the movie and encode it using tmpgenc as a vcd that is just under svcd quality by using an unlocked tmpgenc template so I stick them on 2 discs, first disc(first half of the film) checks out and plays fine, second half the fucking audio and video arent in sync, how I know it has something to do with that error before I cut the film in 2 but I dont know, help please?

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    Simple solution: do what it says, under audio go to full processing mode, file - save wav.

    Save it then give that wav as the audio source.

    Best solution: do the same, exept use besweet to convert the wav to mp2, then multiplex it with tmpgenc.

    you way want to just start with the first one though.


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