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Thread: How To Convert M4a?

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    Hi People,

    I've just downloaded the album Showbiz from Muse, but upon opening the folder I found that the file extension for the songs was M4A. A little research tought me that it was something from Apple/I-mac and that I could be able to play it with quicktime. However my question is:"is it possible to convert the M4A songs into Mp3 or wav format or is there any other way to make an audio cd of the files???"


    Greetz, D!mensio_x.

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    Here is the best program on the market. It does everything and will convert M4a to any format you want. Costs about 30 bucks for the full version but it is well worth it. Go to the site to see what all it does.

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    Thanks, I will try this one.

    Greetz, D!mensio_x


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