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Thread: My Shared Folder

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    It's this simple. I installed the newest version of K-Lite (2.6).

    In the wizard i changed the location where it should be installed (G:\K-lite), instead of C:\K-Lite.

    Wanna know why? C: is a very small partition. Is only ment for windows stuff and nothing else.

    After the Installation was done. Where did this wizard installed the My Shared Folder?! Coz in the wizard i haven't been asked where i want it. AnywEE, its installed in the C: .

    I thought okay.... No problem. Lets change the location in the options of K-Lite.

    Options --->> Options --->> Sharing --->> Locate. Found it

    I want My Shared Folder in the K-Lite folder.

    What did i tried?

    I pushed the button "Locate" and an internet explorer opened. So it didn't work

    I tried to cut it from the C: and pasted it in the G:\K-Lite. Didn't work (very --->>)

    Was there something else then this i could try? Coz i am about the get very very

    Hope somebody can help me before i lose control here


    P.S.: how about a 'Relocate' option in the next version? ROFLMAO !

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    hey boss 2.6 is not complete yet so lot of stuff is not available, my advice:

    uninstall 2.6 install 2.4.4 or 2.4.3 on which ever drive you want then once you install one of those you can go to the options and change the location of your shared folder, as far as i know right now that is not possilbe with 2.6


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