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Thread: Few Question On .bin Image

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    Ok i'm new at this.

    I want to burn a movie, so i can watch on my dvd player, but it's in a .bin file

    I have some questions:

    1. If i burn bin images in to a cd do i just leave it as it is or extract it then burn all the files

    2. How can i burn bin images using a normal CD-RW drive when the size is about 800MB

    3. Can i use a DVD+/-R/RW Writer to burn .bim image so it can fit on 4.7GB DVD-r disc


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    1. Yes, just select the .cue and thats it.
    2. Just leave it like that Nero might burn it.
    3. Asuuming that .bin image is created from a vcd. It will just create a vcd on DVD-R and the dvd player wont play it. If you want to make a DVD you will have to convert the format.


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