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Thread: Cancelling Numerous Downloads At Once

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    In Kazaa K++ 2.4.3 can numerous downloads be selected and cancelled at once. The shift/ctrl keys do not operate in the Traffic screen.

    Tried K-Dat but does not permit several downloads at once only one at a time and then it has to re-read the whole database again

    Is there a simpler way?

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    its either one by one or all, those are the only choises so far

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    If you can manage to line them all up you can do it quickly by hovering your mouse over the Cancel button, and using your other hand to hit enter and the down arrow key, then its just a quick repitiion of click tap tap. Not great, but better than all that mousework.

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    Clean KMD 2.4.4 will let you do that with it's Multiple Selection option.


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