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Thread: Dvd-rw

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    i have seen in pc world (im in uk) a dvd-rw drive that also rw's cd's for 60 its OEM but i dont care about that. what should i find out b4 i buy this product, someone told me that a dvd+rw and a dvd-rw are different or something i need a new cd-rw drive anyway and i was gonna spend 40 on one so the price seems an okay rise for what im getting.

    i will try and find a link for the product and post but anyone want to add anything or what i should find out

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    You were gonna pay 40 for a CD-RW drive???

    You can pick them up for 20 mate... Lookie here.

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    well i went to that site and found a drive or 20 i dunno if they dcharge for p&p *shakes fist at computyer screen*

    but i went to samsrubngs website and it says under supported dick formats and it has dvd-r now is that wrongwierd fucked up typo or wierd fucked up drive

    anyone shed some light

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    that drive doesn't burn dvd -rw, only -r which sucks a bit

    -r and +r are incompatible competing formats most new ones these days can write both types and most people recommend getting one that can write both formats, just in case one of the formats goes down the pan. You should be able to get one that does both formats (and rewritables) for not much more money if you shop around a bit.
    +r is the more technologically advanced format, but more dvd players support -r

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    it syas its a dvd burner but this is the first burner i've seen that can burn cd at 52x....usually its lower. it didnt say anything about the write speed for dvd also....hmmm.

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    sorry to kinda bumb this but.

    its only 20 an it burns cd's cdrw's and dvd-r's right?

    can someone tell me if they have brought this drive because its a 10 cheeper than the one i was gonna get and it burns dvd-r.

    i wod only use the dvd-r bit for backing up hard drive and putting about a million mp3's on it.

    can someone just plain and simply tell me what media's it burns cause they called it a cdrw drive but ti does dvd-r and as well and does it read dvd's that u buy?

    im a little confused :helpsmile:


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    also what are these formats?

    DVD-RAM, CD-DA, CD-ROM/XA, Video-CD, CD-I, Photo CD, CD-Extra, CD-TEXT

    im guessing video cd is a VCD or SVCD or something like that but anyone know what the others r? :helpsmile:

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    bump :helpsmile:

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    alrite this ISNT a bump more like a move to the top of the board

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