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Thread: Expand My World

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    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for new influences in music. I would like you to post up to 5 songs that you think are GREAT that maybe not everyone has heard before or have been lost in the past. I have songs on my computer from Frank Sinatra to DMX, Godsmack to Sade so I am open to most types of music except country and Tejano.

    I think most music genres are like beautiful women. It doesn't matter where they are from, you can still pick them out. So although genres may be unfamiliar to me, I can still appreciate the beauty in the music.

    I have 3 playlists:

    general- self explanatory
    chillin' -for drinking beer
    abs of steel- to motivate me to exercise, to instill me with energy (see chillin' for why I need to exercise)

    So post away!

    Currently I need more high energy songs (I'm not talking heavy metal, just songs as simple as Jump! by Van Halen that get your head a bobbin' and feet a tappin'.

    I will start by giving you my recommendations:

    Mack the Knife- Sinatra with Jimmy Buffet- general or abs of steel
    Party up- DMX- abs of steel
    I aint mad at cha- Tupac- chillin
    Mazzy Star- Fade into you- chillin
    Last Train to Trancentral- KLF- abs of steel

    You do not need to put your songs in a category. I will download recommendations to "the screening room" and transfer them as appropriate.

    Please post JUST 5 of your absolute favorites, thanks.

    PS: By post, I just mean list, I will search the kazaa-lite data base for the actual songs.
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    Consequence Free - Great Big Sea

    Ultimate feel-good music.

    My mum swears by Queen's 'Breakthru' for jogging to. Might work with other kinds of exercise...

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    Great songs, both of them are now in "abs of steel"

    I won't respond to all, but this is exactly what I wanted. Never had heard either of these 2 great songs.
    Aren't we in the trust tree, thingey?

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    glad you liked them
    If you like Great Big Sea's sound, try:

    Someday Soon
    Feel It Turn
    The Chemical Worker's Song
    Sea Of No Cares
    Clearest Indication

    I know that makes 6 GBS songs now but hey...

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    Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers To Cross
    Morcheeba - Let Me See (or many others, if you like that look for more)
    Common - 6th Sense
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dosed
    The Jam - That's Entertainment

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    More Machine Than Man - VladVIII
    Rob Zombie - Demonoid Phenomenon
    Mindless Self Indulgence - Planet of the Apes
    Static X - Stem
    Roni Size - Who Told You

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    Moxy Fruvous - The Drinking Song
    Spirit of the West - Home for a Rest (it's too hard to pick a best song... so here's one good one)
    Barenaked Ladies - Off the Hook (same comment as above )
    Lorenna McKennit - The Highwayman
    Mozart - Requiem (It's over an hour long though. And it's Mozart, so I'm not sure how it'd fit with the rest of your songs. )

    Edited to add: Oh, hell. Barenaked Ladies - Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel.

    I can't limit myself to five.
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    the russians fall back, all the way to moscow
    and then they all begin h4xing, which brings on the russian winter
    the germans are like "wtf, h4x"
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    The Netherlands
    Type O Negative: World Coming Down
    Project Pitchfork: Souls
    Apocaliptica: Path vol. 2
    Astrosoniq: You Loose
    Claw Finger: Two Sides

    Djeee, hard to pick 5........ But all verry different and enjoyable!

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    |Artist - Song|

    Aphex Twin - Flim

    Bjork - Human Behavior

    Porno For Pyros - Pets

    Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

    James Brown - Hot Pants

    James Brown - Super Bad

    Gary Numan - M.E.

    Gary Numan - Observer

    Gary Numan - Listen To The Sirens

    Booker T - Green Onions

    If you want any more suggestions just ask me. I really know a lot of different types of music.

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    Lakeland, Florida
    Audiovent - The Energy

    Seether - Fine Again

    Stained - Mudshovel

    Metallica - Fade To Black

    Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers

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