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Thread: Fx 5200 Problem

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    I bought an FX 5200 a while ago and it seemed to work fine for the first month or so, but all of a sudden, it stopped working! Whenever I started the comp up, the cards specs would show, then the XP loading screen and then the monitor would switch its self of. At first I thought it was the monitor, but it can't be because I bought a new CRT today and its still doing it. I have the driver that came with the card, and the latest one(s) of the net. But it keeps doing it! I can't reinstall it because It wont let me see the screen! any ideas?...

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    Try going in on safe mode. Worked for me when my card fucked up.
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    I have the driver that came with the card, and the latest one(s) of the net
    So did you already update the drivers on the card with the web ones? And if you did, can you remember when this problem started (maybe before or after installation of the new drivers)?
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    Try the card in another machine or another card in your machine, it could also be a faulty PSU.
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    i agree w/ gasha...more like a faulty psu rather than a vid card problem...i dont see why the 5200 would be able to turn off the monitor. could also be your mobo (i dont know how it would do that though) but its prob the psu

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    hmm PSU, doesn't sound right, only time i have come accross a PSU problem is with USB slots & CPU eating power.

    I'd do these checks

    1) pull Card out & reinstall it by physically pulling it out slot it back in.

    2)Make sure that RGB on the card hasn't got any pins stuck in it (sounds daft but it know to happen before. Also try monitor on another computer as well.

    3) as suggested before run Windows into safe mode to make sure that it works, if so reboot into normal mode, doesn't work then i have to say it sounds like a faulty card or conflict with software which takes you to 4)

    4) try graphic's card in another computer, does it work yes or no. Yes then it maybe ya motherboard with doggy AGP slot. No then Pray it's in manufacture's warrenty & send it back to get a new one.

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    it is most likely a driver problem, try pressing f8 repeatedly during startup (right after bios but before windows xp screen) then go to vga mode. It starts up with no video card drivers and if it works like this then it was the drivers and you can now reinstall them.


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