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Thread: User Specific Sharing?

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    Is there a way of searching and sharing with specific people. Im trying to share with my friend across the country but I cant find his username to save my life! Someone please help!!!

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    It's not possible. Try using FTP. Bulletproof FTP is a good one. Search this board (it was in the lounge i think) about BulletProof FTP and you'll find out where to DL it (most likely off KAzaa Lite) and how to set it up and use it.

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    You could try using the kazupernodes program. It is around here somwhere and I think is being developed at the fasttrack website.

    It allows you to jump to specific supernodes. Just get your friend to give you his/her supernodes address and give it a try.
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    only way you find your friend on kazaa is knowing his ip
    its very likely you find his username

    if you only wish to share with him, simply setup yourself FTP server
    he will be enable to access it anytime you want him too

    i recommend Serv-U link:

    if in need of a serial pm me.

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    WoW, thats a long shot... maybe... has anyone ever tried jumping SN's and connecting to a friend? That's pretty...WoW


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