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Thread: Flashget

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    does anyone have flashget? how do you like it?

    in the program, the items in the browser there, are they just shortcuts? like, if you delete it, it only deletes it from flashget, not from your computer?
    whats the flashget database? and what is the point of it?

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    I think 75 % of us are using FlashGet, its the most powerfull download manager now.I don't understand what you mean by ''flashget database''.

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    if you click on file there is "new database" "open database" etc...

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    yes they are shortcuts - but, if it ever asks you to delete a completed download that would mean deleting a, err, completed download, so don't, unless you want to

    the database is a...database of what you've downloaded, i think it contains your options and information about your incomplete downloads
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