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    Gang, I'm a long time edonkey/overnet/kazaa user who's programmed a game for the PC - a drinking game. I'd like any help you could provide to help distribute the FREE game out to the community.

    Here's my marketing line:
    KCWebPlaza brings one of the most popular drinking games of all time to the PC! We've added animations, music, and humerous comments to spice it up. Plus, you'll guess your way through randomized quiz questions in categories such as sports, tv shows, and weird facts. Supports up to 8 players.

    It's a 14Mb .exe, with an installer/uninstaller. PC requirements very low. Works in any windows OS.

    Web Page:
    Direct Download:

    Thanks all. We had fun testing the game during development!

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    I've never heard of a Beer Slut drinking game...most of mine come from watching movies or tv shows. Guess I'm getting old.
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