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Thread: I Can Be The Biggest Ass On Aim

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    Here is a text save from me annoying the Fire Emblem chatroom on AIM, I'm only posting the part where I started to get pissed and annoy people. I will post this adventure in nerdland in a few episodes of my many adventures. But, without further ado:

    Episode 1: I scream at you

    After a long period of arguing with nothing funny going on (besides me accusing one chatter of being a nazi and dancing with Chatter 2) most of the IMers left, leaving me and a few idiots to insult eachother. For the purpose of identity secrecy, everyone else but me will be renamed to Chatter #. By the way, I've deleted text that isn't important to the actual chat.

    Trollify (having just been asked what Chatter 2 and I would do without Chatter 1 around to taunt): We'd probably be having fun doing something else besides....
    Trollify: YOUR MOM!
    Chatter 1: I have a friend who says your mom as an answer fo almost everything
    Trollify: Oh boy, here we go again with crazy old grandpa's stories.
    Chatter 1: So I'm kinda used to ignoring it
    Trollify: *In imitation of Chatter 1*
    Trollify: When I was a young lad.....
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Chatter 3: lets play PWN the above user
    Chatter 2: k
    Chatter 1(probably sensing this won't be good) I'll be back later (yeah right)
    Trollify: No one cares
    Chatter 1 has left the room (He took a lot of abuse earlier)
    Chatter 3: PWNED!!!! trollify
    Trollify: Want to dance again?
    Chatter 2: k
    Chatter 3: PWNED
    Trollify: Polka?
    Chatter 2: k
    Chatter 3: PWNED!!!
    Trollify: Everybody polka!
    Trollify: *dances*
    Chatter 2: *dances*
    Chatter 2 (cutting the dance short): g2g
    Chatter 2: bbl
    Trollify: bye
    Chatter 2 has left the room

    My only ally (no matter how immature he was) had left, and I was left alone to face the nerdlings. But I was brave, and continued to dance.

    Trollify: Now we dance
    Trollify: My hips sway in a rythmic fashion
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Trollify: And I boogey to the beat like a young lad
    Trollify: My steps are superb, completely intune with the jingle of the Polka band
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Trollify: A young norse girl catches my eye as I twirl
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Trollify: I move over to her and ask her, her name
    Trollify: She answers Ursula
    Trollify: I call her fat
    Trollify: And dance away
    Chatter 4 (Isn't very important) the lot of you shut your dick sucking holes
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Chatter 3(yet again) PWNED
    Trollify: I finish dancing
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Trollify: *end dance*
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Chatter 4 (annoyed by Chatter 3) omg
    Trollify (also pissed) Owned is spelled with an O you retarded crack baby
    Chatter 5 (also not important) trollify ur mean
    Chatter 4 (singing his praises to me) PAWNED FOR $2.99
    Chatter 4: GOIGN CHEAP
    Chatter 4: LIKE A MOFO
    (I deleted a few lines here because they're boring, but to summarize I began river dancing by myself)
    Chatter 3: shoots trollify
    Trollify: You can't shoot me over the internet you silly goose
    Chatter 3: Shoots again
    Trollify: My feet strike the ground again and again, like thunder
    Chatter 5: shut up trollify
    Trollify: no one wants to dance?
    Chatter 5: u are annoying
    Chatter 3: FIVE POINTS OFF TROLLIFY!!!!!!
    Trollify: Five points? The judge is a turd
    Chatter 5: ur a turd troll
    Chatter 3 (yes he really did spell it this way) &#33 POIUNTS................OFF!
    Trollify: wuh?
    Chatter 3: 11 points off
    Chatter 3: Shoots again
    Trollify: Shoots what
    (Chatter 3 spams he's shooting me)
    Trollify: Im rubber you are glue, whatever you say, no matter how retarded, bounces off me and sticks to you
    Chatter 3: *Shoots again*
    Trollify: because your a gay rag
    Trollify: You sure like to shoot your penis at me
    (More spam)
    Trollify: Are you sure your not gay? And/or a rag?
    Chatter 3: UR GAY!!!!
    Chatter 3: HAHAHA
    Chatter 3: PWNED!
    Trollify: You spelled you're wrong
    Chatter 3: HAHAHAHA
    Chatter 3: NOT!!!!!
    Trollify: Caps locks makes you cool
    Trollify: And you're weiner small
    Chatter 3: bam!!!
    Trollify: Bam? This isn't a comic book you jackass
    Chatter 3: SHUT THE F UP!
    (Some poor fools enter)
    Trollify: What is up guys?
    Chatter 5: shut the f up trollify (yes, these guys are really typing the letter f)
    Chatter 3: hey, annoy trollify, help us
    Trollify: lol

    After a few lines of angry nerd rage, I decided to save the text file and be on my way.

    This isn't really a funny text file as much as it is annoying, but I'm getting better at being a jackass. I'll annoy more variant chatrooms in the future, but for now I must hone my skills, and so I leave.

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    Originally posted by SpectralHero@23 January 2004 - 02:15
    This isn't really a funny text file as much as it is annoying
    You should have put that in big red letters at the beginning of your post.

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    if anyone who isn't a dumb(ass) wants to talk on aol/aim then u can im me bostonceltics121 im bored


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