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Thread: Dvd X Copy Platinum Express V3.2.1

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    :helpsmile: I have DVD X Copy Platinum v3.2.1.
    Everything works fine, except the dvd express.
    When a I use DVD X Copy Express, it compresses the movie with no problem.
    However, instead of going to part 2 (to transfer the movie onto a disc.), it disappears.
    The program just stops and the dvd x copy express box disappears.
    Can anyone tell me what I can do to fix this problem?
    I would appreciate anyones help.

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    im sorry i cant help you wth your problem ,well maybe i can if all else fails uninstall it and reinstall it werks fer me most of the time if you still have em could you help me out with the serial#,s for that i bout it a bit ago and lost the box with the#,s and password on it (cough cough) if you could that would be great thanx in advance.


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